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Potential benefits (economic, social and environmental) of the proposed solution to developing countries: 建议的解决方案对发展中国家的潜在益处(经济、社会和环境) *

Certifications/awards/awards received by the project: 项目获得的认证/奖励/奖项: *

Social and environmental sustainability (e.g. positive impact on women and girls, local communities, and contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation):社会和环境可持续性(例如对妇女和女孩、地方社区的积极影响,以及对减缓和适应气候变化的贡献): *

Project development and implementation phases and economic sustainability: 项目的发展和实施阶段及经济可持续性 *

The innovative content/aspects/technology/angle of the project: 项目的创新的内容/方面/技术/角度 *

Does the company have any valid certifications to international quality, environmental and/or social standards? 公司是否有任何有效的认证符合国际质量、环境和/或社会标准? *

Does the company have any environmental, social or governance related complaints/claims/enforcement actions related to management, employees or key stakeholders (such as customers or suppliers)? 公司是否有任何与环境、社会或治理相关的投诉/索赔/执行行动,与管理层、员工或关键利益相关者(如客户或供应商)相关? *

Main products/services offered (only the most important are listed): 提供的主要产品/服务(只列出最重要的): *

List of directors (or equivalent members of the company’s highest governing body/persons holding management positions, if there is no board of directors): 董事名单(或公司最高管理机构的同等成员/担任管理职位的人员,如果没有董事会): *

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Describe the degree of compliance with the philosophy of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization 描述与联合国工业发展组织理念符合程度 *

Describe technology maturity, sustainability, competitiveness and potential for application in other countries 描述技术成熟度、可持续性、竞争力和在其他国家应用的可能性 *

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