Frequently Asked Questions on COMFAR III V3.x


1.    When I start COMFAR V3.x, I get the following error message.
ERROR Bad signature for unido.dat: got "", expected "ND"
How can I proceed?
•    Double click in the Windows Explorer the file SAV_10.REG to add a key to the registry of your computer.
•    This registry key informs anti virus software not to scan certain files used by the HASP key driver.
•    SAV_10.REG can be found in the HASPDIAG folder on the COMFAR CD.

2.    Trouble in accessing COMFAR on-line help.
You need the Windows Help Engine installed in your PC to use COMFAR on-line help, which is no longer included in Windows Vista/7/10.
Download and install the Windows Help Engine from Microsoft website.

3.    COMFAR V3.x terminates immediately with an error when started on Windows Vista by a user with administrator rights and activated User Account Control (UAC).
Right-click the COMFAR icon on the desktop and select 'Run as administrator' from the pop-up menu to start COMFAR.

4.    I am getting the error message "Unable to start hardlock service with parameters ….". How to proceed?
In case an older version of the HASP SRM driver is installed, you might receive the HASP SRM Runtime installation error: "Unable to start hardlock service with parameters …." during installation of the new Sentinel HASP driver and the new driver is not installed.
Restart your computer and reinstall COMFAR including the new Sentinel HASP driver.
To avoid a possible error situation remove any installed HASP SRM Run-time system (by using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel) before installing COMFAR including the latest Sentinel HASP driver.